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What El Mono is all about

El Mono was founded on the belief that you shouldn’t work for you website – it should work for you. My mission is to help you smash your company goals by cutting through the bs and constantly improve. We do this by working with analysing, experimenting and creating over and over again to form a product your users will LOVE.

Bjørn Johansen

Forget all about «thinking outside the box», to Lasse, there simply is no box. It is a pleasure to work with this enthusiastic, positive guy who, even when faced with the worst of issues, not only always finds a great solution, but also makes sure you'll leave with a smile on your face.

Melissa Liles

Lasse has been the perfect fit for AFS: His energy, expertise and professionalism have made our many interactions over the past six months both pleasant and highly productive. Playing a key role not only as project manager but also as our advocate, he quickly came up to speed on our complex needs in a way that has given our team the confidence and support necessary to work successfully with our agency. This, in turn, has allowed us to more effectively communicate about the initiative with our internal stakeholders spread across five continents. In short, Lasse helps get things done!

Scott Basgaard

Not only was Lasse a pleasure to work with, he's an all around awesome guy! Lasse is highly knowledgable, a dedicated worker, passionate about what he does and will always go above and beyond the task(s) given to him.

Lasse Olsen. Image

About Lasse Olsen

Lasse Olsen has almost a decade long experience working with companies all over the world. Having both worked on the client and agency side, he’s helped launch over 100+ projects for clients – ranging from private sector, government sections, political parties, fund managements, banks, higher education, volunteer organisations and e-commerce.

His expertise focuses on what’s actually important for a website and launching multiple increments both fast, steady and smart.