Launching sh!t so smoothly that you’ll become the office hero

We advice and project manage your next web project.

Navigating the teams that build the tools and websites you use

El Mono is the child of long, sleepless nights, rejections on funding applications and a “If they can do it, I can do it”-cockiness. After spending years in agencies, Lasse Olsen created this company so he could help companies be better on the web.
If you’re looking for an advisor and project manager that has 100+ projects under his belt - ranging from risky design changes, complex development projects or all in between; this is your company.

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Case study

Launching an international project with a national focus.

Read about how we lead the process of 50+ AFS nations getting new websites. 

What we like to work with

Specialised in the things you don’t want to handle.
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Project Management

Working with those we bring value to

El Mono was created because we wanted to choose who we would work with. Projects that not only mean something, but also where we know we can add great value. Maybe that’s your project.